Hitron Trading Company was established in 1974 by President Mou-Shong Chou. Hitron Trading Company constantly focuses on the sales of air pump, air compressor and Fan Filter Unit equipments. Throughout the past years, Hitron Trading Company has gone further into the Auto Material Handling system for TFT LCD (AMHS), Wastewater treatment equipment and equipment maintenance and service.
President Mou-Shong Chou and General Manager Pai-Yu Chou effectively manage Hitron Trading Company. Therefore, the company is self-assuming to serve as a professional technology service supplier to persistently innovate and develop a complete service platform. Our goal is devoted to importation of high technology equipments and techniques to reach the needs of semiconductor,TFT/ LCD and electronic related industries from the world wide resources. Furthermore, to accelerate the domestic trading for the development of its high technology industry is a future goal of our company, by bringing into effect the strategies to China. Hitron Trading Company has established 9 offices in Shanghai,Kunshan,Shenzhen,Zhongshan,Foshan, Fuzhou,Xiamen and Zhejiang to operate sales and client services in order to enlarge its business industry to a broader aspect.
Fan Filter Unit
Automatic Clean Material Handling
System for FPD Production
Refrigerating(Chiller) equipment
Vortex Blower
Air compressor
variable speed drive
Dry vacuum pump Total solution of temperature and humidity
Air dryer
Unit Cooler

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