Standard KRF Series
1. Continuously Operational Vacuum: 60KPa or less (max.80Pa)
Continuously Operational Vacuum:
*Max 75kPafor KRF 15
2. Continuously Operational Pressure: 60kPa or less (max.70kPa)
3. Capacity: 235~685L/min
1. Safety & Environment… CE & RoHS Directive Certified.
2. Low Operation Sound… Sound level reduced by 3dB(compared to conventional model).
3. .Long life… Increased by 30% with newly developed material (compared to conventional model).
Standard KRX Series
1.Continuous operative vacuum 60kPa or low.
2.Capacity 155~685L/min (60Hz).
1.No oil in either vacuum, pressure or combination application.
2.Quiet operation.
3.Long life.
4.Gauge and controller equipment standard.
5.Dependable proven Design.
Standard KRA Series
1.Continuous operative vacuum 55kPa or low.
2.Capacity 1350~2200L/min (60Hz).
1.No oil in either vacuum, pressure or combination application.Quiet 1.operation.
2.Long life.
3.Gauge and controller equipment standard.
4.Dependable proven Design for continuous duty operation.
5.Designed for printing press applications.

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